3 Things To Do in Hanoi, Vietnam's Old Quarter

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We love Hanoi, Vietnam! Last year we lived there for a whole month! Our favorite area of Hanoi is the "Old Quarter". Come stroll with us, as we show what an every-day experience here is like for the locals and visitors.

Here are three of the best things to do in the Old Quarter in Hanoi, Vietnam:

  1. Visit Hoàn Kiếm lake on a weekend when the traffic is blocked off. Partake in activities such as: riding a hoverboard, cultural games, eating street food, and more!

  2. Eat Bún Chả Hanoi. This local dish is my fiancé's favorite food in the world! A delectable combination of rice noodles, vegetable and broth - once you taste Bún Chả Hanoi you'll never want to eat anything else ever again. But careful! Bún Chả Hanoi is different than Bún Chả in other regions of Vietnam. The Hanoi version of this dish is by far the best.

  3. Enjoy a performance at the Thang Long water puppet theater! Live music plays over intricate dances performed by puppets in a waist-deep pool of water. This show is a can't miss in the Old Quarter.

Do you love Hanoi, Vietnam? Comment your experiences on my YouTube video!

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