Christmas in Hong Kong

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Merry Christmas! This is a common phrase you hear in the U.S.A. the day after Thanksgiving. On the radio, in the streets, and even in the grocery store! But did you know that this Christian holiday is celebrated, or at least recognized, all over the world?

During the December seasons of our travels, we found ourselves in Vietnam, Laos and Hong Kong. We figured we would have to get our holiday cheer through video calls from home. But boy were we surprised! All three of those Asian countries had massive decorative displays outside major buildings, Christmas items sold in stores and events leading up to the big day!

Hong Kong really wowed us with their holiday cheer! The ISquare Mall in HK was decked out with massive Christmas lego sculptures and events hosted at the mall every week of December!

The Ngong Ping 360 Village tourist attraction had a snow globe simulation at the base of their cable car with faux snow made of soap suds!

One hotel had one of the largest Christmas trees we've ever seen, and we even got to witness a caroling children's choir! This video below shows all of these exciting cheery discoveries we made while we were celebrating Christmas in Hong Kong!

Have you traveled outside of your home country during a holiday? If so did you see that holiday represented abroad? Comment your experiences on my YouTube video!

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