5 Travel Destinations Tourists Miss

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I traveled around Southeast Asia and Australia for two years! Here is a list of my top five travel destinations tourists tend to miss in those areas, but shouldn't! Hopefully you can add these unknown travel locations to your list before you go to these countries because they are awesome and worth a visit. Have you been to these places?

First is the Hang En cave in Phong Nha, Vietnam. It’s the third largest cave in the world and trekking it was one of my favorite life experiences.

Second is the Vietnam island, Phu Quy. Entry requires a special permit, but once inside its small population and gorgeous beaches make it a perfect secluded getaway.

Third is the town Battambang in Cambodia. Although it’s small, it’s packed with unique experiences like a bamboo train ride and an acrobatic circus you’ll never forget.

Fourth is the city of Townsville in Australia. It’s a lesser-known entry point to the Great Barrier Reef, with national parks and an animal sanctuary with koalas, wombats and more!

Fifth is Cha Am in Thailand. This passageway to Southern Thailand has an amazing educational elephant rescue center.

Those are my top five destinations tourists miss! I hope I’ve inspired you to include these in your next trip!

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