5 Travel Christmas Presents

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Do you have travel lovers to gift for this holiday season? This video and article will give you five presents that any explorer will cherish! Ranging from the stocking stuffer to the higher ticket items, these presents will be perfect for all types of adventure seekers!

Here is my list of five travel Christmas presents:

1) Travel Map Decor

Image of a travel map

A travel map is the perfect gift for any traveler, especially if the map is of a region that's unique to their personal travel experiences. Not only are they a distinctive home decoration, they make cool backgrounds for selfies, zoom calls or YouTube videos (find my videos here: Deanna Troy Travels).

2) Passport Case

Image of a passport case

Feeling fabulous at the terminal is easy with this pink sparkly passport case! Any passport case is an awesome present for frequent flyers. A passport holder that's unique to their personality will bring an explorer comfort while they are up in the sky.

3) Reusable Utensils

Photo of reusable utensils

Reusable utensils, including these chopsticks, but also any type like a bamboo fork and knife set, metal straws, travel mugs and more, are all items that will be coveted by anyone with wanderlust. Plus, you will feel good knowing that you contributed to reducing plastic waste!

4) Monogrammed Dopp Kit

Photo of monogrammed dopp kit

Monogrammed or not, dopp kits are necessary for any trip. The bigger the better to fit all those pesky toiletries. The massive ones with quality hangers, like this one, are the best!

5) DIY / Personalized Gift

Photo of DIY gift kit

DIY your own travel frame with this creative kit! Choose any background! My mom turned a plain wooden frame into a masterpiece with a map and Mod Podge. Personalized presents are always the most cherished!

Overall, if you get your beloved globe-trotter an item that helps them explore or reflect on their favorite memories, they will be very appreciative! Would you like to receive any of these items as a gift? Have any more suggestions? Leave a comment here or on my 5 Travel Christmas Presents video on YouTube.

Disclaimer: Deanna will make a small commission on purchases of the items linked in this article

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