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Have you ever eaten upside down? Walked on walls? Or moved objects with your mind? Well, in Asia there’s a trend called “Upside Down Museums.” In this video and article, we’re going to explore two upside down museums in Malaysia! The Upside Down Museum in Penang and the Upside Down House in Kuching!

To create the illusion of being upside down, these museums built installations that are constructed on the ceiling! To create an image or video with this installation, all you do is strike a pose and then edit your capture later by flipping it vertically.

The first museum we visited in this video is the Upside Down House in Kuching, located in the Kuching city in Sarawak, Malaysia. Previously, this museum was open daily from Monday - Friday from 9:30am to 6pm and Saturday - Sunday from 9:30am to 7pm. Admission was RM 20 or about $5 dollars USD for adults and RM 15 or about $4 dollars USD for kids. However, unfortunately, they just announced that they are closing until further notice. I will edit this blog when and if they reopen again with updated information. To check out the latest, visit their Facebook page here: Upside Down House Kuching.

The other museum we visited is still open, the Upside Down Museum in the middle of the Penang city in Georgetown, Malaysia. They are currently open daily from 9:30am to 6:30pm. Admission at this museum is RM 29 or about $7 dollars USD for adults and RM 19 or about $5 dollars USD for kids. This museum, similar to the Kuching Upside Down House, has home-inspired upside down exhibits. They also have culturally themed rooms that portray Malaysian restaurants, Malaysian Street Art and Malaysian Food Markets. In their food market setup, you’re encouraged to juggle their faux durian fruits for a silly video clip! They also have angled trick rooms for more video fun, such as a 45 degree upward facing pool table that makes you look like you are moving pool balls with your mind! To learn more about this wacky museum, check out their Facebook page here: Upside Down Museum Penang.

Have you ever been to an illusion museum? Tell me in the comments of this blog or my video on this experience.

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