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Imagine a classic paradise: you see crystal clear turquoise waters and unique islets, vibrant playful fish pass you by as you breathe through a snorkel, white sands tickle your toes, your tour guide starts barbecuing fresh fish for your lunch - you are in the Philippines.

In this video we explore one of the Philippines' most popular tourist destinations, Coron Island. In this short adventure film, we explore seven different areas along the Coron Island coastline: Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoon, Coral Garden, Skeleton Wreck, Banol Beach, Kayangan Lake and Siete Pecados. All of these spots have different personalities and activities perfect for any traveler. See them all in the video above and learn more about them in the article below.

We went on the "Coron Super Ultimate Tour" provided by the Coron Visitors Hotel and we LOVED it! A fun tip to know is that this tour title is the same across providers. If you see this title with another company, the experience will be similar to ours. Here are the prices and activities you can expect across tourism companies in the Philippines.

A paper showing the itinerary and cost (PHP 1,800) for the Coron Super Ultimate Tour

What to Expect

$30-$38 USD per person (1,500 - 1,800 PAX)

8am - 5pm (with 7:30am pickup from hotel)


  • 7 Destinations (Locations will differ slightly between companies)

  • Snorkel Gear

  • Buffet Lunch

  • Transport & Guides

Places Explored

Barracuda Lake

The first stop on our adventure was Barracuda Lake. Known for its limestone cliffs that go underwater for miles and sightings of barracuda fish! We had fun swimming around the deep and clear blue waters of this lake. Lifejackets are required at this location.

Twin Lagoon

Then we visited Twin Lagoon, which, as you can guess by the name, has two lagoons. The first lagoon is where the boats dock, while the second lagoon is hidden - the only access is an underwater opening underneath a rock! During high tide, you can use a ladder to climb over the rock. Cedric and I entered through the sea-passageway. Good thing we are both good swimmers!

Coral Garden

Next we explored a coral garden. There are many shallow coral gardens along the Coron coastline that are great for snorkeling. Which specific one you will go to depends on your tour guides and the weather. While we were here we saw the most colorful and playful fish.

Skeleton Wreck

Near the garden was a shipwreck. This site, called Skeleton Wreck, is a 25m long Japanese supply ship that was hit by an airstrike during WWII by the US air force. What's unique about this shipwreck is that it's shallow enough (for those who can hold their breath) to explore it with only snorkeling gear! There is also the option to scuba dive here, and at other shipwrecks throughout Coron.

Banol Beach (AKA Banul Beach)

Our midday stop was this beautiful beach to eat lunch. Banol Beach wasn't labeled on the tour itinerary, but it ended up being my favorite! A gorgeous beach with white powdery sands, crystal clear water and homemade Filipino cuisine for lunch? How could it NOT be my favorite?

Kayangan Lake

After we filled our tummies with fresh bbq-ed fish and pineapple salsa, it was time to take a hike! There are 367 steps to get from the port to the view, then back down to the lake. After we snapped a picture with one of the most famous photo spots in the Philippines, we trekked down the steps and began to wade in the water. Kayangan Lake is famous for its freshwater and underwater caves. This lake is known as the cleanest and clearest lake in the Philippines, and some say in all of Asia!

Siete Pecados

Our last stop on this island hopping tour was Siete Pecados which translates to "seven sins" and refers to the seven islets at this location. Siete Pecados is known for its shallow and healthy coral reefs. This is the best spot in Coron for beginner snorkelers and scuba divers because you can float on the water's surface and get great glimpses of funky coral and funny fish.


If you like bar hopping then I'm sure you would love island hopping in the Philippines! Comment on this blog or on the Coron Super Ultimate Island Tour | Philippines YouTube video what your favorite destination on this tour would be and why.

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