The Best Bali Swing! (Terrace River Pool Swing with Alas Harum Agro Tourism)

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Soaring through the skies above a sweeping rice field in Bali is the perfect date for two young travelers in love! Or older travelers, kids, and anyone who wants an adrenaline thrill that's both safe and cost effective!

Navigating the "Bali swing" scene is a daunting project! Back in the day there was just one attraction known as the original Bali swing. Since then more and more have popped up over the years. Here's an article that details the twelve best rice terrace swings in Ubud, Bali. In this article I'm sharing the most reasonably priced swing in this list, the Terrace River Pool Swing which is owned and operated by the Alas Harum group, which causes confusion when researching the address on Google!

Alas Harum is an area of tourism activities in the Tegallalang or Tegalalang district of the Gianyar Regency of Bali, Indonesia. This district is located about 10 km north of Ubud and it's famous for its terraced rice fields which are all over the area.

This map shows just a small portion of Tegalalang which has multiple rice fields and swings just on one street!

Terrace River Pool Swing

Located next to the Alas Harum restaurant Cretya, this swing area has expanded over the years to include 15 different types of swings and multiple "bird's nest" attractions to photograph!

We did the "Couple's Swing" which has a double built-in-harness strap for two love birds who want to fly together! It's 45 meters off the ground so I must admit I was nervous before strapping in. But as soon as I got in the air with my husband Cedric, all my worries faded away and it was only him and I taking in the view of the famous rice terraces....Along with the five tour guides managing the swing and giving us directions on how to pose for our in-air photography!

You can pay for their professional camera and print outs. However, I brought my own professional camera (Canon EOS 70D DSLR) and they were more than happy to use it.

Cretya Ubud
Alas harum, Tegallalang, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80561, Indonesia

1 Person = IDR 150K
$10 USD
2 person = IDR 300K
$20 USD

Fun Tips

1) Wear shoes and accessories that are easy to take off! The guides will make you remove any loose fitting items so that you don't lose them during the swing!

2) Bring multiple cameras for filming! There are many guides to film you while you swing. We brought our GoPro Hero 4, our Canon EOS 70D DSLR and regular cell phone camera (which is great if you have a stabilizing stick), which gave us great angles of our epic swing!

Overall if you're wondering whether or not to swing through the palm trees of Indonesia, then I would say GO FOR IT! The Terrace River Pool Swing is still noted to be the most reasonably priced swing experience in the area. But, whichever one you end up doing, I know you will have a blast and have amazing pictures to share with your loved ones back home!

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Terrace River Pool Swing
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