New Year, New Travels, New Gimbal - Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus 2024 Review!

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Have you ever realized that there's adventure waiting for you right in your backyard? During this snowy season I had this epiphany and decided to take the new Hohem iSteady Mobile+ for a spin! See more of my thoughts on the device below. I also wanted to catch up with my blog readers and divulge some fabulous news for Cedric and I....WE'RE GOING TO EUROPE! Let me explain...

Last year (aka a few months ago) I entered an Instagram contest to win International Taylor Swift ERAS tour concert tickets. Of course I never thought I would win, I just entered on a whim! For this simple Instagram contest all I had to do was comment which international city I would like to see Taylor in, in 2024. I wrote saying that I would love to attend the Lisbon, Portugal show as I've never been there before. The company hosting the contest, Regencell Bioscience, does research to help solve disabled and elderly medical problems. I was even more honored to have won something from a company who helps with such a great cause.

This is my initial reaction to having won such an incredible prize!

Here's the company's post announcing my victory!

We're taking this opportunity to embark on a month-long trip across Europe! We're starting our European tour in London and ending with the concert in Portugal. We're still in the planning process but I know one thing I'm packing for sure and that's the latest Hohem phone stabilizing gimbal! Here are my thoughts on the device:

My Favorite Things about the Hohem iSteady Mobile+ 2024

  1. Reverse Charging from gimbal to phone. I’ve used a fair amount of stabilizing equipment in my time as a video creator and I have never seen one that will charge your phone for you! It acts as a portable charger with up 13 hours of battery life for your phone!

  2. 600° Inception Mode and Auto Pan Mode. These two filming modes will take your videos to the next level by giving you effortless cinematography all with the press of a button. Speaking of buttons…

  3. Intuitive Button Design. My last stabilizer wouldn’t connect to my phone via app, so I had to use my phone’s touch screen when filming. This new 2024 Hohem device was so easy to connect to my phone. It has many button shortcuts such as recording, rotating, switching between photo / video mode and more to make your life easier while you vlog!

Get the Hohem iSteady Mobile+ 2024 here ( Use my code USUJP0UH for 20% off

One critique: This gimbal has the ability to switch into "Portrait Mode," aka vertical filming mode from horizontal filming - It may be because I'm new to the device but I can't quite get the hang of "the flip" required for this switch. I'm sure with more practice I'll be able to do it but overall this flip is not as easy-to-use as the rest of the product. On this blog and on my YouTube channel I pride myself in honest reviews of experiences and products so I had to share this thought! However, I wouldn't let this hold you back from purchasing this gimbal and it's very advanced and easy-to-use otherwise!

To see these features listed above and more, check out my latest video on my YouTube Channel Deanna Troy Travels: New Year, New Travels, New Gimbal - In this video I explain the exciting travel news I described above as well as give more details about this great device! Thank you so much Hohem for sponsoring my YouTube video and social posts!

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