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Matsuris or Japanese festivals are well known for their parades and dashi musical float performances. But the real stars of the show are the delicious festival foods! Watch below and keep reading to learn about four munch-able festival treats to enjoy in Japan!

At matsuris, multiple yatai food stalls line the streets, in the day and in the night! For only 500 ¥ (Yen), or just under $5 USD, grab a plate of yakisoba, or fried noodles. It consists of noodles, carrots and cabbage. The Chinese wheat noodles used in this dish make it taste similar to Chinese lo mein.

Or grab a hashimaki for a more portable snack! This flaky sensation is a variant of the popular dish okonomiyaki. The only difference is it’s served on chopsticks for eating on the go!

Another savory stick item is a yakitori, or Japanese skewer! These skewers can be found at festivals or at most street food areas in Japan. They come with either meat, vegetables or both! A perfect snack for vegan and carnivore travelers alike!

If you’re in the mood for a sweet snack, then you must taste a choco-banana, which are both yummy and somewhat healthy!

Which of these four festivals foods made your mouth water? Lemme know in the comments on YouTube or on this blog! Hungry for more? Learn all about Japanese Ice Cream and the Cheapest Meal in Tokyo! Or check out my all my food videos in my Fabulous Foods playlist!

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